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Bodywork therapies is a term that refers to a group of body-based approaches to treatment that emphasize manipulation and realignment of the body's structure in order to improve its function.  These therapies  involve manual soft tissue techniques that treat dysfunctions with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia (connective tissue), and nerves; problems that may be limiting range of motion and causing pain.


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Redcord Active and Corrective

Redcord® is a neuromuscular based suspension system used for corrective exercise and sports performance enhancement. Redcord helps to bring balance to the neuromuscular system which can bring stability, increased mobility, and more efficient movement.


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Monthly Memberships


Monthly memberships are a great way to budget time and money for your health and wellness care.  The effects of Bodywork are compounded when performed with regularity, once a month or more;  and help to minimize pain, increase mobility, decrease the effects of stress, and many more benefits.


All memberships are monthly recurring and the benefits are "use them or lose them".  For more information, pricing, and scheduling, click on the Schedule Now! button below; then, click on Service Menu > Memberships.

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